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Marc Mandon repairs furniture in Asheville, NC.

I wandered into his workshop and asked if I could return with a camera.

Lois Smidt ran the most inspiring program I'd ever

seen in Ames Iowa.

This video was funded by the

Annie E. Casey Foundation

and Produced with Dean Lynes

Favorites may not be the best looking videos. 

Some are quite old.

In Royalston, MA some friends

wanted to have a mural painted

in their dining room.

They commissioned Sonja Vaccari, a neighbor.

When I visited I only had my iphone 5 to shoot this with.

David Chamberlain had an exhibition in the Pucker/Safrai

Gallery in Boston.

Gabriel is Two Days Old was

produced for Exploring Childhood, a program developed by EDC, Cambridge


When I visited my mother, Sylvia Felt, I often brought a video camera and asked her to tell me stories about the family.

This video was made to honor her nephew, Bob Rodwin on his 90th birthday.

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