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Beyond Welfare

A video about community building

produced for the

Annie E. Casey Foundation 

A small group in Ames, Iowa, is exploring a very different approach to helping poor people, one that links people across income levels. 

The groups founder, Lois Smidt, raises some provacative questions about how we try to reduce poverty and measure or success.

              Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas

A native of Dayton, OH, Dr. Douglas was ordained in 1985 at Saint Margaret's Episcopal Church --the first black woman to be ordained an Episcopal priest in the Southern Ohio Diocese, and one of only five nationwide at the time. In 2012 she was the first to receive the Anna Julia Cooper Award by the Union of Black Episcopalians for her "literary boldness and leadership in the development of a womanist theology and discussing the complexities of Christian faith in African-American contexts.

Abuse Prevention Education attempts to reach many populations both through intervention and prevention.  The Domestic Violence Intervention Program is an opportunity for men and women to understand their behaviors. 


This is about the issues of power and control and is a major piece in the efforts to break the cycle of abuse for the victims of domestic violence. 

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