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My Grandfather’s Grandfather was Fender Felt. He lived in Bialistok, a town in Poland.


Sadly, I know nothing about Fender. What did he do? How did he view life? What wisdom could he have shared with me, his future great-great-grandchild?


Did anyone ever record Fender’s story?

Fender would probably have said everyone already knew about him, and furthermore, who would care? The community was small; the extended family was the norm. Fender probably never dreamed that future generations might be isolated; the extended family a thing of the past – disbursed or perished.


Today, I'm sorry I have no way to learn Fender's story; I hope your story will be available for your descendents and future generations.


I am Henry Felt, a collector of stories, and I've been making documentary films and videos for more than 40 years. You can learn more about me at




Questions I like to ask.



Who are the oldest people you remember in your family?

Did you know your Grandparents?

Where were they born? Where did they live?

What did they do?


Your parents, where were they born? Where did they live?

What did they do?


Where did you grow up? What was your path through life?


What was one of the happiest events of your life? Saddest? Most memorable?


Were there forks in the road? How do you feel about the choices you made? Are there decisions you'd make differently in hind sight?


Often people are measured by wealth and power, how do you want to be measured and remembered?

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