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My JDate Story Hijacked by my Ex!!!

Would you go out with this guy? NOT.



Separated, Man seeking a Woman 

For:  A date, Friend, Activity Partner 

67  years old 

Baltimore, MD  

Last Update: 2/17/2006 


About Me:

Two ex-wives. Multiple ex-girlfriends. Current wife 

still shows genuine love and affection for me but she 

just doesn't 'get it' when I say we're never going to be 

the same and I want to live separately. With an eye 

towards a permanent out, I've initiated an increasing 

separation of time and distance and have just begun 

seeing other women for casual social events. I don't 

want to hurt her but I don't want to share my life with 

her anymore. I've never learned how to have a 

relationship last more than a few years before I move 

on. No children of my own, just several 'steps'. In a 

bid to impress and gain love and affection, I'm 

generous to a very big fault but then I review the 

situation I've created and I begin to resent it and I 

end up feeling used and abused. I like to mentor 

people and give freely of my time and expertise. 

Happy mostly. Moody frequently. Depressed off and 

on. I don't like to talk when I watch movies. I travel 

frequently around the eastern seaboard and feel like 

a rolling stone too many times. I enjoy meeting new 

people and frequently strike up conversations with 

strangers. I've had a busy life and I'm busier than 

ever these days even if I have little money to show 

for it. I've kept many a shrink employed yet I'm still 

hauling all my emotional luggage around with me. I 

lean strongly on the right regarding Israel and obsess 

about the news coming out of the Mid-East. I'm a 

New York driver on the roads. I'm shaggy, not too 

neat, a very fast eater and a very bad dancer. I'm a 

type II diabetic, in fairly good health and just hope I 

outlive my 94 yr old mother. 


Physical Info: 

I am: 5' 7" (170 cm) 

I weigh: 168 Pounds (76 kg) 

My hair is: Salt & Pepper 

My eyes are: Hazel 

My body style is closest to: Average/Medium Build 

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